National Safety Council recognizes NJM safety director

“Improving safety for teen drivers is more than my career and my passion,” she said. “I want to thank NJM for supporting my work. I am honored to be a woman of

Marrero joined NJM in 2016 and is responsible for expanding the company’s teen driver safety program. She also advocates for the safety industry and promoting women within the company. Her achievements have positioned NJM as a leading advocate for the safety of her teenage drivers in the Mid-Atlantic, the company said.

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Marrero is also an active member of several committees and committees that support motor vehicle and road safety, including the Advocate for Highway and Motor Vehicle Safety and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. .

Mitch Livingston, President and CEO of NJM, said: “Her great contributions and dedication to advancing women’s opportunities in this field make her an ideal recipient of this honor.”

Prior to joining NJM, he was a Special Projects Manager for New Jersey’s Highway Traffic Safety Division. In that role, she provided strategic planning and oversight for her more than $2 million in federal funding to support the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “state Served as a technical consultant in the development of a toolkit for

NSC President and CEO Lorraine Martin said: “Our roads are at their most dangerous condition in 16 years, so our focus on teen driver safety is paramount in protecting this vulnerable group of new drivers. We are proud to bestow this honor on our many years of life-saving work.”

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