I.R.S. Gets Interim Leader at Pivotal Moment for Tax Collector

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department said on Friday that the deputy commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Douglas O’Donnell, would become the acting commissioner next month when Charles P. Rettig’s term ends, filling a void at the top of the tax collection agency as it embarks on an $80 billion overhaul.

The appointment comes at a pivotal moment of transition for the I.R.S., which is facing intense political scrutiny as it prepares to bolster its enforcement capacity by hiring thousands of new agents. The delay in naming a replacement for Mr. Rettig had raised concerns among former I.R.S. officials that the transformation of the agency could be at risk.

“Deputy Commissioner O’Donnell has dedicated his career to serving American taxpayers through every level of the agency,” Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen said in a statement. “His commitment to improving the experience of the American taxpayer will guide his and the agency’s work as they continue their…

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